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Which Marketing Type Is Good For Business

which marketing type is good for business

Which Marketing Type Is Good For Business

Covers off-line marketing.

Competition is everywhere and to take a benefit from any platform is essential. Now the point is that how to get benefits from any website or from a blog or from any platform because whenever you type anything on Google a top post pops up. Definitely, a new person who just started a business gets confused how to promote a business, where to start how can I make sure people know me how can I tell people my business exists, how do I convey a message I have a good price how do I market i have good quality. These all questions come in mind when someone starts a business and the answer of all these questions is marketing.

Now the time is to dig a little bit more but don’t worry I won’t make you feel bored so breathe in and breathe out because now you will get some knowledge from this post.

The main and first step of marketing is to know that what type of marketing suits you and the nature of business allow it? Now think if you are thirsty and someone gives you a cold drink definitely it won’t quench you because in some cases you really need a specific needs and that specific thing fulfill your need exactly in the same manner from different types of marketing you have to choose a good marketing strategy and well-suited marketing style and nicely handled marketing type for your business. No doubt there is a lot of marketing strategy out there and I don’t know what business you run so, I am describing here a few types of marketing.

Marketing Types (Off-line)

Branded Items at Key Locations

Introduction of New Product using Off-line Marketing Strategy

Let suppose you are running a restaurant or ice cream parlour or any business in which you often introduce a new product, in that type of business I strongly recommend off-line marketing but how ?. Suppose you have an ice cream parlour and you just added a new ice cream flavor, always offer a try bite at the cash register. Surveys describe in this situation a try bite can increase your sell up to 30% and you can get a better answer in real time.

Print Pamphlet using Off-line Marketing Strategy

We all have email id and we all know mostly promotion’s email goes in spam / junk folder which we don’t even see. In my opinion you should print Pamphlet / flyers at least once in every 6 months. The reason behind it mostly people read it even they don’t need things which you are selling but in near future they might need it and can come to your store.

Tip: Print important numbers at the back of pamphlet so people keeps it for long time and they might see your advertisement very often.

Campus Campaign Feedback using Off-line Marketing Strategy

Many people take this strategy very lightly and un-necessary but they forget that during campaign they get feedback right away. For example you run a store in which you sell packed food items, you can launch a university or college campaign and can offer a free bite or new item in discount plus also you can offer a coupon.

Tip: During a campaign keep notebook and ask for 2 suggestions 1 is for what they (buyer) does not like and 1 is for what they like in new item which you just added in your delicious menu.

Tip: During a campaign distribute a coupon. This trick can increase new customer upto 35% because that coupon compel them (buyers) to come in your store or shop or cafe whatever you run.

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