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Advantages of Business Cards

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Advantages of Business Cards

Affordable Way to Promote your Brand

Business cards can be bulk ordered for a relatively low cost. The number you print is flexible – vary the quantity depending on how many you’re likely to use day-to-day. Say you’re heading to a trade show one month, you can increase your order at short notice.

It’s also affordable to print for multiple people but with different names – for example your sales team.

Print lots of cards to ensure employees are covered for networking events and client meetings.

Fantastic for Events and Exhibitions

Exhibitions and trade shows provide the perfect opportunity to promote your brand and build your contact base. Such events are perfect for meeting new contacts and making sales.

But often people go away to think about whether to buy or takes things further – this is where your business card is invaluable, ensuring they have your contact details should they want to get in touch.

Plus, if you’re an exhibitor at a show, they take up zero space on your stand and give people a reminder of your brand to take away with them.

Something Tangible – The Business Equivalent of Vinyl Records

People are increasingly favoring hard copy. Something they can hold and feel. Look at the rise in book sales and the ongoing vinyl revival. Business cards are part of this analogue renaissance.

They’re a little part of your brand people can take home – to pin on their fridge, or stuff in their letter rack. Make it harder for people to throw them away with strong design and content that shows how your service can solve their problems.

Easy to Distribute and Display

Business cards can also act as a static display, where people can pick them up as they pass by.

Exhibit them anywhere, including:

  • Store counter-top
  • Pinned on office noticeboard
  • Held in display holder

Perfect for Certain Industries and Jobs

We’re living our lives on our laptops and smartphones. But often only a tangible business card will do – for example if you’re working on the land, or at an exhibition centre with rubbish Wi-Fi.


  • Builders and landscapers use business cards to pass on details when mobile signals fail
  • Plumbers and electricians use them to put their name in front of customers with an urgent problem
  • Street food stalls use them as an affordable way to promote their brand on location

Remembers Email Addresses for You

Phone numbers, email addresses and names are all easy to forget. Business cards capture that information in one place so you can recall it long after meeting that person.

They may even have used your card to create a contact in their phone or work email. This is a great example of how business cards and digital channels complement one another.

More Visible than an Email

You send someone an email about your brand. It looks great and details the key information. But it’s only doing its job when people open it.

A business card is a constant, physical reminder of your brand. People won’t look at them all the time, but if they have them on their noticeboard, desk or fridge at home – you’re in their eyeline more than with an email.

Leaves a Lasting Professional Impression

Nothing implies professionalism like a business card accompanying a handshake after a client meeting, networking event or completed job.

Having a business card says a lot about you and your business. When you hand one over to a client, it demonstrates that you’re a reliable representative of your company, which can leave a lasting impression.

Helps Visually Commit your Brand to Memory

Cards allow you to be bold with your branding. They’re an opportunity to use strong visuals and graphics to advertise you and your company.

Be creative when designing your own artwork. Incorporate logos, pictures and eye-catching colors to build a picture of your brand. A well-designed business card is a window into what your business offers and can help commit your business to memory.

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