we promote your business through flyers and distribute them for free, at 1/6 cost we design and print 10,000 flyers.

We are group of professionals and we are very focused to promote business online. We market your business in several ways. We create, design, publish and distribute combo flyers, It is combination of different advertisements. The benefit of this flyer is, reducing the cost and less work for you. We create your advertisement and distribute them as well also we print them for you.

What will you get

  10,000 flyers on 8.5X11 inches glossy paper (100 lb).

  Free distribution.

  Free advertisement on website page.

  Free advertisement on social media network.

  individual flyer design, printing and distribution cost you almost 850 canadian dollars, You save here almost 1/6.

What we need

  We need only your ready to print file for your advertisement in jpg, pdf or png.

  If you dont have it, we can make it only for $10 with 3 times editing.

Payment procedure

  Only 12999 for 10,000 with all above benefits.

  First payment will be advance payment.

  Second payment will be at website advertisement rendering.

  Final payment will be at the time approval sign.

Terms and Conditions

  After approval, advertisement can be remove if printing does not start but payment will not be pay back.

  If printing has already started, advertisement can not be removed.

  If you run franchise please provide approval from franchise authority.

  If payment has not paid your advertisement will be removed.

  After signed approval we will not be responsible for any missing or wrong number, address etc.

  It is your responsibility to check every thing (number, address etc) during signed approval.

  Original file of your advertisement will not be provided.

  Any point of the above terms and condition can be changed, modify without any notice.

image for 10,000 flyers at 1/6 cost